How can we help?

Festival Policies

What items are allowed?

Lawn Chairs (must be positioned outside of the Chair-Free Zone)
Insect repellent
Factory-sealed water bottles
Empty water bottles
Baby strollers
Soft-sided coolers

What Items are not allowed?

Pets (except for ADA Certified Service animals)
Weapons of any kind
Illegal substances
Hard-sided coolers (soft-sided are OK)
Large or framed backpacks
Outside food or beverage (aside from factory-sealed water)
Umbrellas (ponchos are cool)
Camping tents
Glass containers
Instruments, air horns, or megaphones
Laser pointers
Audio recording equipment
Roller skates, skateboards, scooters, or bicycles (though there is a monitored bike parking area just outside of the park)
Professional photography and video recording equipment including cameras with interchangeable lenses and SLRs

Can I leave and come back?

Yes. Your original ticket (on your phone or printed) is required for re-entry. Wristbands are not a ticket. You will be required to scan out at the “Exit Only” lane and scan back in with your ticket.

Please note: You may notice the phrase “No Re-Entry” at the top of your ticket. This is due to the requirement to scan out before you can scan back in.

No drinks (opened or unopened) may leave the festival.

How do I buy/pay for stuff?

Payments for food, drinks, and merch throughout the festival can be made with a credit card, as you would at any regular business. 

If you want to use cash, visit the Guest Services tent to quickly and easily load it onto a Maha Money Card to pay for items throughout the festival. Funds loaded onto the Maha Money Card are nonrefundable. You can load cash as many times as you’d like throughout the day. Please note: Last call for alcoholic beverage sales is at 11:15 p.m.; nonalcoholic sales continue until the gates close.

Credit cards and Maha Money Cards are the only forms of payment accepted. There will be no RFID wristband/digital wallet payments in 2021. 

If you have any questions on-site, please visit the Guest Services tent.

Are kids welcome?

Maha offers entertainment for the whole family and kids 10 and under get in free with a ticketed adult, but we cannot guarantee that the music will be suitable for all ages. As a general rule, the area directly in front of the stage is rarely kid-friendly. However, there’s plenty of space for everyone in much calmer areas throughout the park.

Please note: The Community Village activity area will not be part of the festival in 2021.


What is your bag policy?

All bags will be thoroughly searched by security before entry. Walk-through metal detectors will also be used for search.

We do not have a clear bag policy or size limit, but hard-sided coolers and oversized backpacks (i.e., backpacking through Europe-style) are not permitted. Kid carriers are permitted.

No bag? Reduce your time in line by using the “Bag Free” line and breeze through security.

Are cameras or photography allowed?

Small or disposable cameras are allowed. Professional cameras are NOT allowed. If it has a detachable lens, it’s a no-go. Video and audio recording are NOT allowed. If you’re a member of the press you can apply for a photo pass here.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking and vaping are allowed in the designated area only, near 67th and Center St. Details will be on the festival map.

What are Maha’s sustainability efforts?

Maha Festival is a reduced-waste event. There are a number of recycling and compost stations located all throughout the park, with Green Team members on hand to help advise on which bin to use. Thanks to HDR and Hillside Solutions for their support of keeping Maha sustainable. P.S. Don’t litter!

Safety / Security

How do I report an issue?

Please report any safety issues to on-site security personnel. You can also contact us in non-emergency situations only, before or during the festival, at safety@mahafestival.com.

What should I do in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency evacuation, make your way quickly and calmly to an emergency exit. Be aware of any hazards or dangers around you, and proceed to safe area.

Follow the advice of festival staff, security personnel and First Responders.

Do not put yourself in danger by stopping to collect belongings unless directed by First Responders.

If it becomes necessary to delay, postpone or evacuate the event due to inclement weather (such as lightning, strong winds or heavy rains) updates will be issued throughout the event (if in progress) and Maha’s social media channels.

What is Maha’s Code of Conduct?

All attendees, volunteers, performers, vendors, and staff contribute to the inclusive, safe, and comfortable environment at Maha Festival.

Offensive, disruptive, and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, including but not limited to:
-Language that is verbally abusive, intimidating, or threatening, including unwanted sexual remarks or jokes, racial or ethnic slurs, and demeaning comments on gender or sexual orientation
-Physical acts of intimidation, stalking behavior, assault, battery, or non-consensual touching
-Taking and/or distributing harassing or non-consensual video or photo of someone
-Unwanted encroachment on someone else’s physical space or any other conduct which intentionally impedes their ability to participate in or enjoy the festival

All of the above acts are considered harassment, and Maha has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind. Any individual or groups found in violation of this policy may be removed from the festival and banned from reentering.

If at the event you feel unsafe or that you’ve been harassed, please get assistance from event security. See Maha Festival’s full Terms and Conditions and Safety overview to learn more.

What are your safety policies regarding COVID-19?

What do I do if I need medical attention?

If you need assistance, please go to the Maha First Aid Station, located across from the Ferris Wheel.


Do kids require a ticket?

Kids 10 and under are free when accompanied by a paying adult. This includes VIP ticket-holders. A ticket is not required, so a VIP wristband will not be provided.

What is the refund policy?

Maha Festival is a rain or shine event and all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are permitted. Our lineup and festival schedule are subject to change. Exceptions are being made for the pandemic, however. If, prior to the festival, you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive, we ask that you please do not attend Maha and instead contact us at info@mahafestival.com to request your refund. Refunds will be available if the 2021 Maha Festival is rescheduled or cancelled.

Where is my ticket?

When you purchase a festival ticket online, you will receive a PDF attached to your email confirmation which is your ticket. We encourage you to show it on your smartphone. Each PDF can be scanned for entry only once, and tickets must be maintained in order to leave and re-enter the festival.

Are you doing RFID (“tap-to-pay”) wristbands and digital wallets this year?


I purchased a ticket online, but never received an email confirmation with my ticket.

Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder in the event you do not receive a confirmation. You can also view your tickets from the web by logging in to your Tixr account and heading to your ‘My Events’ page. If you are still unable to locate your confirmation or tickets please reach out to support.tixr.com for assistance.

I can no longer attend. Can I give my ticket to someone else?

You can give your ticket to someone else, but you are not able to transfer your ticket to someone else within our ticketing system.

If someone is selling their ticket online, how can I make sure it’s real?

Tickets purchased from any other sources, such as brokers or secondary market websites, are purchased at your own risk. We cannot confirm the validity of tickets purchased from any other sources and do not offer any support for these purchases.

Where is the Box Office?

The festival Box Office is located at 67th & Frances Streets in Aksarben Village. It opens at 1:00 p.m. on July 31st.

Where is Will Call?

Will Call is located at 67th & Frances Streets in Aksarben Village. It opens at 1:00 p.m. on July 31st.

Getting There

Where is Maha Festival 2021?

Maha Festival takes place in Stinson Park in Aksarben Village at 67th & Center Streets in Omaha, Nebraska.

Where can I park my car?

Free parking is available at FOUR parking garages within Aksarben Village. For easy access, approach the festival from the north on 67th Street or from the west and east on West Center Road. It is not recommended to access the festival site using Mercy Road from 72nd Street, nor park in this area.

Where can I park my bicycle?

Mode Shift Omaha provides a free, volunteer-operated bike corral at the intersection of 67th & Frances Streets in Aksarben Village.

Where is the taxi/rideshare pickup/drop-off zone?

Use 67th & Frances Streets for rideshare pickup and drop-off. Access to this zone must be made from the north.


Maha hotel discounts are available here, for a limited time!


What are you doing to keep volunteers safe?

Safety is our top priority at Maha Festival. You can read about how we’re keeping volunteers and attendees safe right here.

How do I get all the latest volunteer info?

If you’ve volunteered in the past or plan to sign up in the future, join the Maha Festival Volunteers Facebook Group to stay up to date on all opportunities. If you’ve volunteered in the past and want to change the email address we have on file, please get in touch at volunteer@mahafestival.com. If you don’t currently receive emails from Maha, sign up now at the bottom of this page!

Why should I volunteer at Maha Festival?

Because we need you! In 2019 we were 900 strong, but we’re always looking for more to join the fam. Are you down to make an impact, and learn something new along the way? This opportunity has your name written on it. Not to mention you also get a free ticket to the event.

What are the volunteer perks?

Glad you asked. When you help out during a shift that ranges from 2-6 hours depending on day and time, you earn free admittance to Maha Festival. You also get a limited-run volunteer T-shirt, early access to next year’s volunteer registration, and legit bragging rights.

When does volunteer registration open?

May 22 at 10 a.m. CT. Last year’s volunteers get first dibs on volunteer shifts early, starting May 15 at 10 a.m. If you were a 2019 volunteer (or one of the many already signed up for 2020 before cancellation), check your inbox including your spam folder for the link.

What if I want to get more involved with Maha?

If you want to go above and beyond to make Maha amazing, send a message to volunteer@mahafestival.com with what you have in mind.

I need to change my volunteer shift. What do I do?

Changing your shift can be done on VolunteerLocal, our user-friendly volunteer scheduling platform until July 30 at 10 a.m. CT when the shifts will be locked in. You will receive a link to your profile upon registration.

I can’t make my volunteer shift and need to cancel. What do I do?

If you need to cancel before July 30 at 10 a.m. CT, you can do it easily online at VolunteerLocal. If you need to cancel after the deadline, let us know at volunteer@mahafestival.com as soon as possible! We understand that emergencies happen and are willing to work with you to get the shift covered. The worst thing you can do is not show up, because it can inconvenience other volunteers!

What happens if I just don’t go to my shift?

Please don’t do this! You will be omitted from all future Maha Festival volunteer opportunities if you “no call/no show”. If you have a problem getting to your shift, email volunteer@mahafestival.com.

When should I wear my T-shirt?

Volunteer T-shirts must be worn during your shift. Please do not wear your volunteer T-shirt at Maha Festival outside of your volunteer shift. Be sure to bring something to change into for when your shift is over.

Where do I change into/out of my volunteer T-shirt?

You can change into/out of your shirt at Volunteer Headquarters, a few steps away from the festival.

What information can I change online prior to the event?

You can edit your profile, shift, shirt size, and more on VolunteerLocal until July 30 at 10 a.m. CT.

Can I drink alcohol during my shift?

No. To help deliver the most positive festival experience possible, we do not allow alcohol to be consumed during volunteer shifts.

Can I eat or take a break during my shift?

We ask that you come to your shift ready to go, and do what you need to take care of yourself during your shift. If you need a break, please maintain clear communication with your fellow volunteers so your role can be covered as necessary.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

Generally, we seek volunteers who are 16 or older based on the task assignments available. Some jobs require ages 19+ or 21+; check the description for each. If you’re under 16 and want to volunteer, please send a note with the shift you want to volunteer@mahafestival.com.

I want to volunteer for more than one shift!

Right on! Please email volunteer@mahafestival.com and we’ll collaborate on the shifts you’re seeking. The registration process will not allow you to do this on your own.

It’s time for my shift. Where do I go?

Each volunteer needs to check in at Volunteer Headquarters at Hilton Garden Inn Aksarben Village within a 10 minute window of their shift start time.

What do I do at the end of my shift?

Please check out with your shift lead before you leave your post so we can confirm shift completion and ensure you stay in good standing for future years.

My shift relief is late. Am I allowed to leave at the end of my shift?

Yes, please contact your shift lead to inform us and we’ll keep you on schedule.

It’s raining. Do I still need to show up?

Yes, the show must go on! We’ll communicate ahead of time with any severe weather information. Please check your email or the Maha Festival Volunteers Facebook Group for any last minute announcements.

I bought a Maha ticket, but now I’d rather volunteer. Is that possible?

That’s great that you’d like to volunteer, but we are unable to provide a refund. Maybe you can treat a friend to the extra ticket!

I want to upgrade my earned general admission ticket to a VIP ticket. Can I do that?

Sorry, we cannot accommodate VIP upgrades on earned tickets.

I have a different question about volunteering not addressed here. What do I do?

Get in touch at volunteer@mahafestival.com.


Is Maha Festival ADA accessible?

Yes. There are ramps from the sidewalks to the street, ADA restrooms, and all entrances are ADA accessible.

Please contact safety@mahafestival.com with questions about accessibility or to coordinate specific arrangements. Stinson Park is ADA accessible and we will work to accommodate a variety of needs. Please visit Guest Services, located at the intersection of 67th and Mercy Streets to be directed to dedicated viewing areas upon arrival. There is not a special ticket required. The space is first come, first serve.

The festival grounds are wheelchair accessible, but please be aware it is an outdoor music festival situated in a park. Therefore, most travel is over natural terrain. If it should rain, there will be mud in some places.

We do not provide personal care or push services. Please plan ahead and bring attendants if needed. In addition, the festival does not provide wheelchairs for rent or loan. Please make arrangements in advance if a wheelchair is needed.

Is there an area for nursing mothers?

Yes. Please visit Maha First Aid Station (across from the Ferris Wheel) to be directed to the Family Feeding Rooms.

ASL Interpreters

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted music performances will be provided all hours of the music festival for patrons who are D/HH. Please contact safety@mahafestival.com with questions about accessibility or to coordinate specific arrangements. Please visit Guest Services, located at the intersection of 67th and Mercy Streets to be directed to dedicated ASL viewing areas upon arrival. There is not a special ticket required.


Do you take talent submissions?

We do not currently have a submission process for booking talent, including music acts, comedians, speakers, etc.

Who do I contact if I want to perform at the festival?

If you’re an active musician or band, you’re invited to add your information to our database of artists here. This is how we keep track of new music projects, new albums, and so on.

Please note we are not able to take artist submissions or respond to every inquiry, but will be in touch if there is an opportunity available.

Who do I contact if I want to speak at the festival?

If you have a story or project you’d like to share on the Maha stage, or if you represent a speaker, you’re invited to add your information to our database here.

Please note we are not able to take speaker submissions or respond to every inquiry, but will be in touch if there is an opportunity available.

Do you accept applications for food, retail, or other kinds of vendors?

We do not have an application at this time. However, you can add your information to our database of interested partners here, and we will get in touch if a matching opportunity comes up.

Can I host a booth at the festival?

There is not a booth application process at this time. If you are interested in becoming a Maha sponsor, please get in touch.

How can I get a press or photo pass?

Members of the press can apply here.

I’m a member of the press and would like to set up an interview with someone at Maha.

Please get in touch at media@mahafestival.com.

I’d like to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Great! Please share a few details with us here, and we’ll be in touch with additional information.

Are you hiring?

Please check our About page for any available employment opportunities.

I lost or found something at Maha Festival.

If you find something at the festival like a phone, wallet, jewelry, credit card, ID, etc., please take a minute to turn it in at Guest Services, located within the festival grounds at 67th and Mercy St.

If you lost something during the festival, head to Guest Services.

After the festival, all items turned in to the Maha Lost & Found will be at Noddle Companies, located at 2285 S 67th Street #250, Omaha, NE 68106. Please call in advance with your inquiry: 402-496-1616.

I have a question not listed here. How do I get in touch?

The fastest way is to use this form or write to info@mahafestival.com. Questions sent via social media comments and DMs may take longer to get a response.