Maha is Zero Waste for the Second Year in a Row

Together we can keep lowering the festival’s footprint!

August 4, 2023

Zero Waste Monitor volunteers at Maha Festival 2023. Photo by Audrey Hertel.

You did it again.

You helped Maha go zero waste for a second time!
This is a massive group effort involving sustainability sponsor OPPD, Maha’s amazing volunteers, waste management partner Hillside Solutions, and everyone who made sure to use the right trash bin.

Last weekend

♻️ 2,543 pounds were saved from a landfill by composting or recycling ⁣— 94% of the total on-site waste
♻️ 9,600+ plastic water bottles never even used thanks to everyone who filled up at the FNBO Free Water Stations ⁣
♻️ 98 recycling volunteers made it all happen⁣⁣ (shoutout to LinkedIn for helping!)

“We’re making it a new tradition.”⁣

Hear from Hillside Solutions and Maha with some behind-the-scenes of what it takes.

How did we do it?

We talked about Maha’s approach to sustainability back in April. (Read that here.)

Let’s just say the amount of trash sorting is no joke. Go behind the scenes with Hillside Solutions during the 2022 festival here.

Zero Waste Monitor volunteers make sure the sorting stays on track throughout the weekend. Since 2019, all beverage and food vendors have pledged to use compostable or recyclable packaging, and we ask attendees to leave non-environmentally friendly items at home. In short, everyone plays a part.

This is still the beginning of Maha’s sustainability story — stay tuned for more ways to make a difference.


Special thanks to

for supporting Maha’s sustainability efforts!
Learn more about OPPD.