Safety First!

What you can do to get ready for the return of live events

November 23, 2020

As we look ahead to the much kinder, gentler year of 2021, we’re also thinking about the finer things in life. Things like extra loud live music and getting stuffed on food truck delicacies. 

If you’re with us, here are some things you can do to help us make the return to live events as smooth and safe as possible. 

Share Your Opinion

What are your top priorities for safety in the COVID age? We’re asking about how certain event-related safety measures — everything from easy contactless payments to showing proof of vaccination — might affect how you feel about attending. 

Your answers will help our community of event organizers better anticipate and plan for what’s ahead. 

This anonymous survey takes about five minutes and will only be open for a limited time.



Be Prepared

Many local venues have been hard at work beefing up safety features and adhering to the latest in research and guidance. To help things run smoothly, get in the habit of educating yourself about event-specific regulations before leaving the house.

For instance, safety at The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha looks like this: 

  • Extra stage barricades to help keep performers distanced 
  • Plexiglass shields to help keep staff and patrons distanced 
  • Additional barriers in place to keep patrons distanced when not seated, like when getting a drink
  • Heavy-duty disinfectant sprayers and floor scrubbers 
  • Current local health measures in effect: reduced venue capacity, required seating, tables spaced 6’ apart, and masks on anytime you’re not at your seat 

You can check out all of this in person at the GenQ WrapUp presented by BFF and Maha on Friday, December 4 at The Waiting Room Lounge. A drop-off location for the Heartland Family Service Winter Clothing Drive, and a free and all ages event.



Voice Your Support

Independent venues all over the country are fighting to survive, and unfortunately many have already closed down for good. These venues are not only an important part of local economies, they also play a vital role in arts and culture ecosystems, supporting artists, event professionals, and festivals like Maha. 

Even if you’ve already contacted your representatives, it truly helps to contact them again. Take one minute to voice your support for legislation that would bring some relief to the industry, like the Save Our Stages and HEROES Acts, using the easy form on SaveOurStages.com.



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