Marcey Yates

When:Saturday, July 30 at 4:00 p.m.

Where:Tito's Stage

Hip hop Artist / Producer Marcey Yates, named after the hip hop great Jay-Z ‘s Marcy projects is changing the face of Omaha’s hip hop scene with his mix of raw talent, copious discography and a heavy dose of charisma. With a sound that can be described as expressive vinyl hip hop, Yates partially attributes his soulful vibe and sample­ based production to his influences, including classics like Slum Village, Common, Madlib, Mos Def, Pete Rock, Kanye West, and J Dilla. True to the swagger that accompanies Yates on and off the stage, he knows that the music he’s making is of a high quality nature. Yates commands attention from his audience and carries that juneau se quois that keep fans fixated throughout his set. He has played with Rakim, P.O.S, Black Milk, Freddie Gibbs, B-Real, Weezer. In addition to his extensive catalogue on July 30th 2021 Yates released a studio album Culxr House: Freedom Summer under indie label Saddle Creek records reaching the top 200 of R&B/Hip-Hop and reaching #95 on the rap charts.Culxr House was established as a nonprofit in 2019 as a community hub that focuses on providing artist and creatives a safe space to grow their talent and obtain access to resources.Culxr House also served as a center for the protests carried out in Omaha beginning in the summer of 2020, aka, Freedom Summer. 

Genre:hip-hop / rap

From:Omaha, NE