Edem Soul Music

When:4:00 p.m.

Where:Broadmoor Stage

Edem Soul Music (Edem K. Garro) is a World-Class Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Performer living in Omaha, Ne. Originally from the East Coast, Edem was also raised in Midwest. A large part of her music focuses on the ‘Creative content’ that comes from a place that can only be described as her ‘Soul’. Edem defines her sound by utilizing the many instruments she plays. Edem plays over 12 instruments including the Harp, Ukulele, Guitar and various forms of African Percussion. Edem sings in English as well as in her native tongue, called ‘Ga’ originating from the Ga Tribe of Ghana, West Africa. 

Edem is an 8X Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award nominee, and 2018 OEAA winner for Best Soul. Currently, Edem is completing her residency as Omaha, Nebraska’s first Capitol District: Musician in Residence. Recently, Edem became a finalist in a national songwriting competition with Lincoln (Luxury Motor Vehicle). It awarded her a National Commercial campaign with Lincoln, as well as a seat at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. 

Genre:soul / funk

From:Omaha, NE