Dirt House

When:3:15 p.m.

Where:WP Engine Stage

Dirt House is the project led by Annie Dilocker, whose finely crafted songs are intricate, lush, and restrained. Her music does not immediately reveal its intentions or emotions to you, but pulls you in, sublime yet measured, dream-like. Dilocker has played in a variety of projects in Omaha since 2008, including Miwi La Lupa, Digital Leather, Pleasure Adapter, and Sweet Pea. She began writing her own songs in 2016 and formed Dirt House, named in remembrance of a childhood place, also seemingly built from thin air. The Come Over EP was released in June 2018, and she is recording again in 2020. Her piano-driven music has been compared to Regina Spektor and Sarah Bareilles.

Genre:folk pop / alternative / rock

From:Omaha, NE