Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

When:Friday, August 16-Saturday, August 17

Where:Aksarben Village

Make sound art + experimental music

Founded in 1981, by artists for artists, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts supports today’s artists through an international residency program, temporary exhibitions and commissions, and innovative public programs. Located in the historic Old Market district, Bemis Center serves a critical role in the presentation and understanding of contemporary art, bridging the community of Omaha to a global discourse surrounding cultural production today.

At Maha’s Community Village, you can create playable instruments out of unconventional materials similar to the instruments and sounds incorporated into the current exhibition at Bemis, Inner Ear Vision: Sound as Medium. Think plastic egg maracas, paper tube flutes, or paper plate tambourines filled with beans and bells. The goal is to invoke personal creative expression and originality by making unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas and objects.

Photo above: Improvised saxophone solo by Marc Vilanova, Bemis 2019 Artist-in-Residence. Photo: Debra S. Kaplan. 

Type:Community Village