Street Team

Do you enjoy striking up conversations? Does the thought of hanging a stack of posters around town sound like fun? How do you feel about free concert tickets? The Maha street team could be just the thing for you.

This team has earned a reputation for being outgoing, fun, and getting sh*t done. It’s a great way for marketing-minded individuals to gain experience in event promotion — while earning free Maha passes!


Help spread the word about Maha’s upcoming big events and play a part in increasing ticket sales and awareness of the organization in Omaha and beyond.

WHat you’ll do

Hang posters at locations around town such as retail shops, cafés, restaurants, bars; then fill in our online form to show your progress. Note: Locations are checked randomly for progress.

Hand out flyers at various concerts and events around the community (first-come, first-served free concert admission included)

Make poster and swag drop-offs to assigned locations

about you

Willingness to follow through with plans and represent the Maha brand like a champ

Desire to support Omaha’s creative community and talk up Maha events  

Willingness to use your own vehicle


Earn passes to parts or all of the Maha experience (August 14-17), depending on how active you want to be

Plan on lending at least 20 hours of your time, total for the season

how to join

The street team application is closed for the 2019 season! Check back later this year for the 2020 application.

Still want to get involved? Shoot us a note at