Omaha Artist Spotlight: Call for Entries

Maha is offering donated promotional space on our digital channels for working musicians affected by coronavirus cancellations.

March 27, 2020

Update (May 27, 2020): All promotional space has been claimed for this series and the application to be featured is now closed. If you have any questions, news about your band, or anything else to share with Maha, please get in touch. If you applied and have yet to be featured, we will be coordinating with you soon.

To all the Omaha-area music makers in a tough spot right now: know that the community is rallying behind you.

Even so, we know the coming months will be a struggle for many independent artists in more ways than one. That’s why Maha wants to help keep the light shining on local musicians, broadening your reach and encouraging music purchases. We also want to dig deeper, highlighting the individuals, the songs, and the stories that make up the area’s unique music scene. 

So let’s get tuned in. Let’s spread the word about recent releases, super cool T-shirts, and the special online concerts that are bringing people “together” while we’re apart.

The Omaha Artist Spotlight series will offer donated promotional space on Maha’s digital channels for eligible artists and bands, including links to purchase your music.


If you meet the following requirements, go ahead and fill out the entry form! 

  • You’re a current working music artist.
  • You’ve lost or will lose income due to COVID-19-related concert or tour cancellations.
  • You live or work in the Omaha area. (Living in a nearby city like Lincoln and playing shows in Omaha counts!)
  • There is a way for people to listen to at least some of your music online.
  • You have something people can buy online: original music, merchandise, and/or an upcoming virtual concert. You use reputable platforms like Bandcamp, StageIt, etc., or your own website. If selling on your own website, please be committed to the timely and complete fulfillment of all purchases.

Please note: 

  • All genres and styles are welcome! 
  • This campaign is designed to encourage the selling and purchasing of music; donation campaigns like GoFundMe will not be included. 
  • There is no cost to you, the artist.
  • Other than promotions, Maha is not involved in the music sales or fulfillment of purchases.
  • Unfortunately, Maha cannot guarantee that all artist entries will receive digital placement. 
  • Entries will only be accepted for a limited time, until all promotional space is spoken for — so please don’t delay!