Ways to Support Maha

May 22, 2019

From year-over-year growth to a big deal called Community Village, see why Maha needs your support today.

It’s Omaha Gives! day! To celebrate our city’s community online giving event going on today, May 22, let’s take a look at how your local nonprofit festival thrives with support from friends and fans like you.

Maha is growing year after year. Adding on programming like Maha Discovery, Opening Night, the Maha Middle Show, and more, evolving into a true four-day hooray. The goal? To highlight our region as an excellent place to live and work.
Maha is for everyone. Come one, come all. Maha has competitive festival ticket prices and kids under 10 are allowed in for free.
Maha is powered by volunteers. More than 700 dedicated fans make Maha happen each year, and all 700 prove there’s something magical about being involved with a cause you care about. (Want to join the Maha fam and volunteer? Get started here.)
Maha shares the stage with other nonprofits. Maha’s Community Village features more than two dozen fun activities brought to you by local organizations, so that you can learn more about the work they do. (Check out the full Maha 11 list of organizations here.)
Maha needs you. Festivals are fun, amazing experiences for all involved, but a great festival doesn’t come together cheaply. Your donation helps keep Maha running strong.

Ready to support Maha to help keep it running strong? Here’s how:

Donate for Omaha Gives!

Buy passes


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