700 Ways to Get Involved

February 21, 2018

Maha volunteers are one big (really big) happy family. You’re invited.

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Lounge Monitor. Shopping Specialist. Welcome Crew. And, of course, Bartender.

To make a festival and conference a smashing hit, you really have to cover all the bases. That’s where you come in. This year we’re going big and adding a second day of Maha, plus the Big Omaha conference — which now means we’re looking to more than 700 individuals to help keep it all rolling. Yes, that’s 7-0-0. Want to help set up or tear down? Maybe a shift as Thirst Quencher or Recycling Specialist is what you fancy? We’ve got a spot with your name on it.

There are loads of people who are so fond of volunteering for Maha, they come back and do it again — year after year after year. Is it the legendary live music? The neat volunteer T-shirt? The new friends made? The impeccable vibe? The endless gratitude from Maha staff? The sunshine and rainbows? Or is it the free ticket? Hard to say. (It’s the ticket, isn’t it?)

This really is the Maha family — and unlike most families, you’re invited to try it out for just a few hours at a time.  

Who can sign up? Anyone 16 and older who wants to help and can reasonably carry out the tasks listed! Some jobs require ages 19+ or 21+; check the description for each. If you’re under 16 and want to volunteer, please send a note with the shift you want to volunteer@mahamusicfestival.com

What do you get? Free two-day Maha Music Festival pass or Big Omaha conference pass (whichever event you sign up for), in exchange for about four to seven hours of your time.

When is this going down? The events run August 16–18, and there are volunteer opportunities through August 19.

Why do you take a $35 deposit? This is a mega operation, and every shift is important! The deposit helps make sure everyone comes to their shift and your fellow volunteers aren’t left hanging when it’s their turn to go enjoy the show. We guarantee your deposit will be returned after you complete your shift.

Where do I sign up? Right over here. Sign up ASAP for the best spots!

What if I need to cancel? No prob! Sometimes things come up. Your confirmation email will have easy instructions on how to edit or cancel your shift, up to 48 hours ahead of the festival.

Other questions? We’re here! Email a note to Margarita at volunteer@mahamusicfestival.com.

Photo above (Maha 2017) by Ben Semisch
Photo below (Maha 2016) by Will Stott